White Fire OG Wax


THC: 84%
CBD: 0.23%
CBN 0.23%

White Fire OG wax is more of a Sativa-leaning variety of hybrid. White Fire OG wax.

It has a strong kick of initial potency but its overall character is pleasant and doesn’t cause

anxiety in the vast majority of people. The White Fire OG is good for afternoon or early evening use,

but in higher dosages can be deeply relaxing and suitable for late evening as well.

It helps with lack of appetite, moderate pain and muscle tension relief, depression, and anxiety.

White Fire OG (sometimes called Wifi OG) is an Indica-dominant (60/40 Indica) hybrid strain of cannabis.

Its THC level regularly reaches up to 25 percent while its CBD content is quite low – generally around 0.5 percent.


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